Monday, August 11, 2008

90 soldiers resting in peace.

With 2 more of our boys taking the final herc ride home, may they rest in peace and my deepest sympathy for the sacrifices the family will have to endure in the time to come.

Canada, we really have to start thinking deeply about the mission in Afganistan, as I predict this is only 1 more death in the beginning in another spike in activity.

I don't think that we or any other nation will win the war for Afghanistan. Even the strongest aliances we have made and our brother nations out there, wont push back the taliban forces simply because we are fighting a largely unknown enemy.

The taliban dont wear uniforms, they don't use military tact, or disciplines. Meaning the military of today is a large and obvious target, going against an everlasting near invisible enemy, with profound home court advantage.

I support the troops to the bitter end because a soldiers job is to carry out his countries wishes with efficiency, and discipline. A soldier does not get to choose his mission. Politicians do that. A soldier only gets his orders and simply does the job. Right from the chief to the private.

I support the troops, allthough I dont agree with the mission.
We need to focus on peacekeeping and winning the hearts and minds of the people because it will be impossible to win the fight without them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smoking. The goal for a project.

Would you believe.. I deleted the copied text by mistake.. Sighh... another victim of the Ctrl+v bug.. ahhweell..

Meanwhile. Why not check out the blog of the alpha wolf in the family, my dear dad.

Keep monitoring and welcome to the bloggin community..

Above is a rider of the CBR125R Watch and try to abosorb a little spot of my haven!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Help Find David's Son.

Im a watcher of the Youtube channel David's farm. Part in because im just like him. I love fixing things and experimenting. Rednecking even..

I was shocked and appauled to find out about his unfortunate situation.. Im going to link up someone elses videos.

Watch the videos. Absorb the knowledge. Help him find his son.