Monday, February 25, 2008

The late nights, and early mornings.

Here I sit in front of the blog, watching the cursor blink patiently.

The cursor doesnt care how long I take to come up with an idea, the problem is that the ideas have run dry. Really I dont have anything to say.

It could be a consistent lack of activity at my workplace, in otherwords, nothing has really pissed me off to the point I feel motivated to rant and rave about.

Is it neutrality? Lack of intrest? Or just lack of activity. I feel by brain reducing itself to sluge as I cruise YouTube in search of something of intrest. Like homemade bombs.

Honestly, I have dabbled with the art of fire, as Im sure every young boy does. And some never grow out of it, or it just simply takes longer then expected.

I will admit to having a hard copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, originally brought up from the rogue BBS systems of the 80's and 90's. I have tried most of the home made things in this book including the blue box, and a few home made experiments which resulted in a loss of eyebrow or two along the lines.

I watch youtube and the like and im kinda shocked to see the availiblity of people who have knowledge of this and give video explanations of how to make these IED's (Improvised Explosive Device), and I actually support this.

Why? Well I can bet that we will indeed kick a few of the people out of the shallow end of the gene pool. Darwinisim at its finest. These videos are a great setup for some doorknob to blow themselves to oblivion and hopefully not reproduce.

I wonder how these concoctions are ever come up with in the first place, are these legitimate science experiments gone wrong, or just some bloke who decided to mix up a bunch of things in thier garage and light it.

Common sense would say that 1 firework is fun. 8000 of em gun taped together might not be so fun.

Hitting a can of Wd-40 that is consumed in fire may be hazardous to your health. Duh.

The warning labels on most products should serve as a good warning to all about the product itself. On a pack of batteries here on my desk, in bold letters is the phrase, DO NOT EAT.

Well duh. The metal and acid probably arent good for your system. Do they write the label in advance of stupidity, or in hindsight?

Ponder this, perhaps the meaning of your existance is truly to serve as a warning to others.

The fox is going back to the den, and shake his head over the irony of it all.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

GPS wonders.

So Yesterday, I drove my wife down to Toronto to her brother's place. I borrowed a freinds Garmin Streetpilot GPS because I really didnt have a clue as to where I was going and its a neato peice of kit.

So anyway, we get driving, and we get about halfway there, when the nice lady says. *ding* Turn Left.

Ive been down this route many many of times, and I know this isnt a good selection this time of winter, and I turn right.

*Ding* Recalculating. Turn Left, then Turn left.

Forget it! I think to myself.

*ding* recalculating.

It then picks out the correct route. It did as it was told. It picked the shortest route to the destination.

Enter the 401. Every freaking off ramp.
*Ding* Keep left.

So by the 30th off ramp. The gps is driving me nuts. I make my turn and finally get to the location I originally wanted, after a 12km detour down the 427.. Argh!

So off we go. Down the Don valley parkway.

*ding* turn left. It says, right as the offramp passes my window. Dang. Missed that one. So I keep going straight.

*ding* Recalculating.
*ding* Signal Lost.

So now Im in downtown Toronto. Lost, and the GPS is now on a coffee break. I break out the trusty paper map and get back on the highway after an hour or so.

Are we really relying on too much technology these days?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fart cans and straight pipes.

Ill admit it. Im a mini-van driving dad. Its no ferrari. You wont see a huge fart can on it.

I dont mind people who modify thier cars. I have no issues with it. In fact, I encourage the creativity. What I DONT like is the fart cans.

Dont rip up and down through the housing areas at 2:30am at 6000rpm with the fart can.. Use a silencer insert please..

Or at the least, take it easy.. I am not a morning person to start with and I like it even less when I hear:


Which is followed by my kids waking up.

Not just the import guys either. I love nothing the hearing a SBC, or Hemi, or even a nice Cleveland running with a bit of volume.. but..

To the guy with the Black chevy half ton. My god.. Put some kind of exhaust on your truck. I dont know what you hear in your truck, but all we hear is:


Honestly man, Living in the butts of a rifle range is easier on the ears. It sounds like a machine gun on crack. People are not looking at you because your truck sounds nice, they are looking for your plate number so they can sue for hearing damage.

Customise your car fellas. Thats your perogative. Just be curtious about it. And to some of the others I've seen, Your sport compact is not a ferrari. Keep your racing and interesting manouvers for the track, and off the streets. I dont want to see your nice car that youve spent so much money and time into, parked around a lamp pole, or worse, in the side of a minivan full of kids.

Canadian Forces Housing Agency.

I normally dont C&P posts, but this is one I made on a different forum..

Well.. Ive said my peace wrt CFHA. Many times before.

Nothing seems to change it all, and things are getting worse. For some strange reason my domestic 9'er has now opened my eyes to the fact that we are the only family with children living in our area of 7 families. The rest are single guys shacked up in a pmq, or 2 a couple living in a 4 bedroom PMQ.

Looks like my daughter's options for finding local freinds have narrowed this posting season. I know of 5 houses in my local court that are 3 bedrooms or larger and only having 2 people living in them.

Heck. Ill admit, Ive applied for a 3 bedroom PMQ on the northside to assist in some of my families medical issues to make me more deployable, and to make it easier for my family to obtain the services they need.

However, Ive been told by the allocations manager that this might happen in April. But housing only has so much resources they can use. Now for my opinion: April just so happens to be at the begining of posting season.

So realistically. I doubt it will happen until next year, right in time for the influx of the rumored troops. Apparently there is 5 availible homes on the north side, and 50 applicants. I can't verifiy this. But there does indeed seem to be more then that up there. Again. I dont know the full picture, maybe they are waiting repairs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to clean up the ice chunks that fell off the eavesdroughing this morning, inches from my front step. Ive only been complaining for 3 months to have the condition fixed. Guess I need to have one fall on my head first.

Right after I add more grip tape to the stairs, as I fell down them yesterday.. But the cool part is, that housing provides me with the tape to do this.

And Ill be out there this spring, fighting the hopeless battle of trying to get my grass to grow, as they leak into the backyard, flooding it each time it rains or melts. At least they pay for the grass seed too.

I think In all. The treasury board needs to come down here and give CFHA Petawawa a large influx of money to bring the houses up to par. I think this would help all around, and aliviate a lot of the issues.

Now.. Does anyone know how to to insulate a PMQ? Last two bills have been over $200.. Its really killing us.

Friday, February 8, 2008

15 Passenger Vans and you!

After reading the above, and remembering the 15 passenger van crashes in quebec a few years ago, and the more recent tragic accident involving the basketball team not long ago, I have a few things to add to the reccomendations, and should be implemented Canada wide.

The 15 passenger vans, be it from ford, chevy, dodge, mercedes, are all well known for thier instability. Due to the construction methods required to make such a long vehicle, the body of the vehicle sits atop of its truck like frame. The higher center of gravity can make the van more ubstable, and more prone to rolling over, or loosing control while fully loaded.

I drive one of these machines, a Ford E series, or a Chevrolet Express, on a regular basis in my line of work with the Canadian armed forces.

The manufacturer cant be blamed in this case, as the ones ive driven all have bright yellow warning labels, informing the operator of the increased risk. Ford has even used its RSC stability program to help the issue, but what I think it boils down to is qualification, and driver training.

I believe that 15 passenger vans should be encorporated into the bus liscencing system Canada wide, preventing non-qualified operators from using the vans until they are proven safe to operate the vehicle. The military does this and from my view, it has proven effective. All professional operators must pass a course to receive priveledge to drive these vehicles.

As well, yearly inspections must be completed on these vehicles to verify that they are in good working order. This should be mandatory before the vehicle is given a new sticker each year. Ths military does this as well, and likewise, you'd be hard pressed to find an unsafe DND plated 15 passenger van.

The same standards should be maintained with the cargo variants of these vans as they exibit similar charactoristics when fully loaded with cargo.

I dont believe that the vehicles are at fault here. I blame a lack of driver training and maintenance..

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The nation.

Long live Canada.

If anyone can find it anymore. My beef today is immigration.

When i renewed mt lliscense this year, I attemped to do so online. At the last step. I was stopped because I didnt have an immigration number.

Hello. Im not an immigrant, Get a grip. There might actually be people born in this country!

Another thing I rembember was A christmas tree was taken down in a provincial court because it offended somone else's religion. To that someone else, if you dont like it, go the hell home! Welcome to my country. Adapt to the standard that is there, or leave. No one asked you to come in the first place.

All too often we see the government twisted and bent trying to adapt to religous beliefs an values of immigrants. Each twist it does to compensate these people, it looses a bit of itself. Canada is quicky becoming less and less of a nation, and more of an imigrant holding facility.

Another thing. I understand sometimes things may not be going so well in your home country. If thats the case, go ahead. Immigrate. Go through the process. When you come here,bring your family. Your spouse.. your kids. Maybe your family. But. Becoming a sponsor for every sister, cousin, 2nd cousin and bringing them to Canada so they can go on social assitance, I dont think so. (Yes, the group that does this knows who they are.) For a family to come to Canada, I dont mind. When one person lands, and sponsors 30+ members. Its a bit much. Let them go through thier own process.

When you land in Canada. Respect people's values and yours will be respected. Remember, you came here for a reason. Because you likely thought it was better then your home nation. Lets keep it that way. If you dont like something you see here, too bad go home, and express your own values, and let others express thiers freely.

I miss the days where the National Anthem was played freely in schools, and people stood at attention when the flag was raised. Or lowered. I miss the days when we played "God save the queen." Sure. Shes a figurehead now. But It should still be respected. This is our heritage as a nation.

I got inspiration for this from another friend of mine's blog. Ma'iingan. View her rant here: ( The official lyrics for our great nation is:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

(From Heritage Canada's website :

(The french one is also availible here:

They should not be mixed, moulded together. If anything, A french version should be held afterwords, depending where you are. But this is just my opinion. The bilinugal version is approved however, and seeing as how the meaning is the same, I dont have a beef with it.

Canada needs to spend more time "standing on guard for thee", when it comes to Canadian Values...

Ill still be here, Standing on guard..