Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VA3IRA now online.

Hey folks. Its been a long while since Ive posted. Mainly because I've been studying to become an amateur radio operator. Traditionally known as "ham" and is more in-depth on other posts.

So, Ive passed with honors. 82% on my Basic test. For some this doesnt mean much of anything. For hams out there, this is pretty decent for a first go, I hear.

Id like to take the oppertunity to thank my examiner. Maj. Justin Schmidt-Clever (VE3QYR) of Ottawa for taking the time to administer the test.

And I never would have thought I'd say it of any form of government, but Spectrum Management has truly impressed me. Less then 24 hours later, and my callsign is up and running. Well done.

So my first contacts have been made today, and I'm starting to learn the ropes of 2M mobile.

I made a few contacts bit the first one Ive actually put to the log is VE3ODJ, Mike in Petawawa. He has shown me that my singal will come in better in simplex modes, depending on the situation.

Next one up is VE3KKO, Lewis in Cobden. The first person I contacted via landline in my attempt to find myself an examiner. He called out to me after hearing me talking to Mike.

The last contact was through IRLP over the radio and the internet. Someone in Calgary. I didnt get the sign.. Got lost in the moment.

So in reflection I have begun a log book of new callsigns.

2m first.. Base and mobile are coming soon..

73, VA3IRA clear.

(That means best wishes, and Im outta here)

The Fox...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amateur Radio.

Whatever happened to them all. Remember a time where everyone and their dogs had a CB radio?

Free service everywhere, no monthly fees, no worries. You need driving advice, switch it onto 19, then cut someone off. Someone will tell ya.

It still a mainstay of communication, and information for us truckers these days, but you see less and less of the antennas on cars these days. Other then the cell phone antenna that is.

Then you have a new art I'm studying. Amateur radio. Or some know it as HAM radio. You can use these radios to talk to people literally around the world. All you need to do is buy a radio, get liscensed, and your off.

These people can contact others from around the world without much difficulty. Or in the area I am looking into. Locally. Call someone any time of the day. No fees. No waiting for 6pm. Oh wait. 8pm now..

Some radios arent the big clunkers they used to be, "boat anchors" is what they call them. The unit I'm receiving will be about the size of my hand, and can have up to a 50km range. If you have a local HAM club in the area and a repeater site set up. The distance is literally endless. By bouncing from repeater to repeater, you can easily get 200kms or more.

There are even competitions held to see who can make the most worldwide contacts in a set period of time.

Ham operators also provide emergency services with a back up. If the power goes out, what do you do? Grab your phone. Just say the disaster has caused so much phone disturbance, the lines are all plugged up. (Remember 9/11, or the Ice storm in 1998?) Amateur radio still works. And yes. People do wait on the line for the call in a disaster, helping emergency services keep going.

Personally. I think if CB and amateur radio had kept on going, we may not even have cell phones. But this is life.

Id like to thank my dad, for helping me along while learning about radios, frequencies and electronics all my life. As well. Id like to thank him for his 26+ years of service to his country. Now he just has to get back to Ontario so we can go fishing.

Id also like to thank Brodie, for introducing me to the hobby, and helping me along the way. And Id also like to thank him, and his colleagues at the Petawawa Fire Department #1 and #2 for their volunteer service in our community and keeping us safe in the community. Seldom are volunteers thanked for their deeds.

I figured after so many posts with negative attributes, it would be good to have a nice post once in a while.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Afganistan thoughts.

Just finished reading an article from

Quite an interesting perspective really. Here is the thoughts that it has left me with. Having been there, I think I have an interesting view.

Are we winning?

Well no. Honestly, every taliban you elimnate, 3 more appear, and I think that this conflict will never end. When we went to Bosnia, we had 2 sides fighting one another, and we were stuck in the middle trying to sort the mess out. The difference here, is now we are one side, the taliban are the other and the Afgan people are the ones stuck in the middle.

The reality is, this isnt a typcal war. There is no big prize at the end, like taking over germany and liberating the lands. There is no end goal except for ridding Afganistan of the terrorist force.

The war we trained for for so many year prior was always us vs. the soviets. We were desinged to defend ourselves from "Ivan the Red". That was what we were designed to do.

Then we evolved as a military as a peacekeeping/humanitarian force. In Kabul, we were employed as a sercurity/training/rebulding force, and Today, in Khandahar, we are less about rebuilding and training, and more about simple elimination of the Taliban. Something we can not win. The taliban doesnt wear a uniform. You cant tell them apart from the afgan population. They dont attack over the hills like an army. They send one guy in with a huge bomb and he tries to take out as many people as possible.

Were not designed for this function. I think the troops are doing an excellent job over there, but there is another hitch thats quickly beginning to show after 6 years of fighting in Afganistan.

The Canadian Forces arent exactly what you would call a huge army. There are more people living in some small Canadian cities, then there are in the Army, Navy, Airforce and reserve units combined. In comparison, when I was in Afganistan, we had 2100 troops. That was a lot of troops at the time. The americans has almost 21000. And this was while the war in Iraq was at its peak.

So whats happening here is were trying to fight a battle like we had 100000 troops. We dont. So we have to rotate the troops. Some on this base have 3-4 six month tours to Afganistan and the army is quickly beginning to loose its most important resource. Troops.

The troops are getting burnt out. Tired of the battle, and knowing full well that we arent going anywhere. Tired of being away from thier families at home. On my tour in 2005, we were all exicted to go. Finding people who would volunteer to go wasnt a problem. This day and age, its a problem.

Something else people dont really take into account it is the work going on back home. In my unit, we pride ourselves with training specialised medical troops to go overseas. This is no small endeavor. Each year, we go to Alberta with a mobile hospital. Twice a year to train these people. We used to do it in our own compound, and fly the prospective troops in. On the average, it can take 26 or more tractor-trailer loads to move the hospital. We have 6 drivers. A month ahead of the excerize, we begin moving. Stay for the exersize ( a month roughly) and spend the last moth moving it back. A month to clean and repac, and then we do it again in the fall.

6 months gone in a flash. Not to mention in between, take off 2 months for summer and xmas leave.. Add in 2 months of preparation for the Alberta runs, a divers ed class or two, and other tasks, and you can see how the truckers are getting burnt out.

Add in the fact that only certain drivers are qualified to do certain jobs. All of us can do it, with training, but were so busy training everyone else, we dont have time to train ourselves. So the same guys get stuck with 6 months or so away from home. Every year. As drivers in other units begin to refuse tours, other units loose thier drivers to go to Afganistan, causing shortages, and massive burnouts. Old troops have to go because they have the qualifications, new troops cant get qualifications because the old ones are overseas, or busy drriving.

Eventually what will happen is, the enevitable. The older guys will retire, taking thier qualifications with them. Then the newer guys will not be able to get what they need. The trade is basically slowly self-destructing.

Why? Well went Canada signed into Afganistan, I dont think they fully saw how involved we would be. Spending is already $7.2 billion dollars plus. Canada has lost over 70 men and women to the cause, and even more are injured. Some even have PTSD and this can cause massive problems to thier home life and beyond.

In the end, Canada bit off more then it could chew from the get-go. The forces are spent, and worn out. I think its time to cut our losses, accept that we did make a difference, and call it a day.

Pull the plug Canada. Make the army bigger then what it is, then try again.

There is no shame. And we need a bigger paycheck too.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm not perfect...

Well I shall tell you the story of one of the times I have made a moron of myself.

We used to sit out on our patio set in the summer months, me my wife, and our friends, just having good times chatting. Telling stories and stuff.

Every time we would see a nice toy which was usually a fella in a nice car, myself and Josh would say "MINE!" (like the seagulls in finding nemo) and stake our imaginary claim. First one to spot it would win.

One day I saw a ford explorer towing along a nice 249 Bayliner bowrider.. I said "MINE!!" Josh said.. "No it aint!!"

On the side and rear of the boat it's name was, "Still Mine."

Guess he trumped me and won the divorce..

Walmart Stalking People?

Oh Ill admit it. I'm a walmart shopper. There. I said it.

What I get a chuckle out of is the new walmart "its true." ad. You have seen it. The one where the lady looks at her reciept and then a walmart employee says "Its true!"

Ok. On the way out of the store I can understand. Call me on the cell phone, your getting the police called on you. Appear on my roof looking through the skylight, I can guarantee your gonna get a Louisville slugger.

Appear in my bedroom saying "Its true!" You better hope my aim is off.

Global Warming

This topic has been beaten to death by many many people. So I figure It's time for me to beat it with a stick..

From what I understand, global warming is going to cause our polar ice caps to melt, and cause water levels to rise enough to flood out places like California, Florida, parts of BC, etc. And raise the temperature of the earth significantly.

When? It can hurry up any time now! I'm not a winter person. In fact, I can do without it. Getting up every morning, shoveling snow, brushing off my vehicle, freezing to death while it warms up, drinking ice cold coffee, freezing to death in my leaky house. Yeah. Ive quite had enough of winter.

Sure. There are some nice parts of winter. Making snow men, and snow forts, tobogganing. The yearly fun of skidding around in my vehicle every winter to check out how the tires grip in an empty parking lot, and of course Christmas.

I don't even mind the snow really. I love looking at it, draped on the tree boughs and gently falling. Even more so with coffee.

But enough of the bitter -30'c, minus-47 windchill stuff! Who the heck likes that anyway?

As far as I'm concerned. Global warming? Bring it on. As for those people who will be flooded out. Aren't you guys complaining about immigration problems right now. Just don't tell them the flood is coming, move or build an ark.

Warning to Telemarketers.

Time to rant about something else that drives me insane. Our family tries our best to eat supper at the kitchen table together. Sure. There is a TV in view, with cartoons usually on it. We enjoy the time together as were a fairly busy family and usually on the run. Like most families.

As we sit at the table, it almost happens religiously. The phone rings. Now being the good man of the house, I usually answer the phone. Only because the person on the other end is in for a boat load of crap depending on the situation for which they are interrupting our family time. I love to eat and they are being rude by calling at 5:05pm.

Its usually someone we know, and they are yelled at appropriately, if its a little kid I don't sweat it too much, sometimes kids loose their perception of time. Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but If I see a telemarketer's number on that phone, Ill give you a piece of my mind. If your someone with a heavy thick accent, you can be sure Ill answer with my mouth full. Just to return the favor.

If you happen to be a company that I am with, Ill speak in in a strange language that I make up on the spot. Seems to be working because they don't call back.

So consider this your fair warning. Or I will beat you with a stick.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Emergency Services Personel

I live in a small town. 14 thousand people, if you include the cats and dogs.

We have a lot of people in this small town and more often then not, I hear them cursing the emergency services all the time. "Stupid Cops" they say, "Slow firemen."

Well people.. I am a common listener to an age old device. The police scanner. I listen to the fire department, ambulance services, and police departments.

These services are always busy, constantly running around, trying to do their best to keep things going good for all of us. Sometimes things get slow. But believe you me even in small towns they get used a lot. 90% of the things that occur on the scanner never make it to the papers.

As I write this. 2 volunteer fire departments are on their way to a farm on fire, 2 ambulance crews have brought 2 people to our local hospital, and the police have a ride program started, and patrol units have pulled over 3 cars.

Next time you curse the officer at your local coffee shop, remind yourself that they are taking a well deserved break. When you see the ambulance crew idling in a parking lot waiting, or firefighters playing ball hockey, they are all waiting for the call.

The one call you might need to make.

CAS - How to report.

Touchy subject here... Childrens Aid Society..

Here's major problem. The people who use it. Ok fellas. CAS is what you use if you see a child or have grounds to suspect abuse is happening upon a child. If you think a situation exists, do call.

From what I've seen, there seems to be a growing amount of complaints that turn out to be a keen way of revenge. People get miffed off at other people and they call CAS with a false story. CAS gets involved. Its their job to. The story could be true.

Somebody's ex' didn't get what they wanted in court so they phone CAS to have the kids taken away, or somebody's kids were playing rough in the schoolyard. Mom was late getting her kids to school one day. The hospital sees a bruise on a 5 year olds leg from playing in the school yard. A mom and dad are having an argument in a house.

What some people don't seem to notice is the amount of mental damage that happens to a kid when they are taken away from their family. Remember this scars a kid. If you have to use it. Do so. If your using it in spite. You should be beaten with a stick.

As well. We see the ads on tv. The ones that reach out to your heart strings and pluck them. We need foster parents they say. To potential foster parents, be prepared for an interesting trip.

Some stages of the process I understand. Criminal checks, background checks, are all good things and need to be looked at. Asking me my sexual preferences and habits? Bite me. This is just one step.

Cas claims its priority are to keep children as close to biological families as possible to keep the family involved. I can personally attest that the Agency I dealt with while we tried to become foster parents for our niece, CAS is nothing more then deceit and lip service.

You can file a grievance with CAS if you believe you are treated unfairly. However this option is only available to children in care. How convenient. Seeing as how our niece is 3 months old.

I believe there is a growing need for an individual regulatory body to watch over CAS's affairs. I wont go into the personal experience, but here is a website.

Now I used to think of this a rubbish. Pure bull. We tried to become foster parents and we quickly learned that its more truth then what you would believe.

Its a lot worse then we all believe.

We need a stupid tax!

So recently, us Canadians were given a 1% reduction in GST by our current Prime Minister.

I try to stay away from politics here, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

So at the idea of my mom, (yes she reads the blog) I propose we introduce a the "SPT", which stands for the Stupid People Tax.

Here is what I propose. I believe for every stupid act that someone does, the police may fine the person a tax for being stupid. Examples of offenses are:

-Parking in handicapped spaces if your not handicapped. This is going out to the people who scream into the space at 90, and litterally run into the store for something.

-Parking in fire lanes. They might be there for a reason. Firefighters will place a fire axe directly into the hood of the offenders car on sight, emergency or not, as a reminder to those who park there. 2 axes if the person is still sitting in the car waiting for a person to come out of the store.

-People who drive with 4 way flashers on while lost so they can make lane changes at will.

-Crosswalks are for people... They are not start/finish lines. Have courtesy and let the walker go. Dont run them over. Not only do they make an awful mess, but your insurance goes up.

-Motorcyclists doing wheelies/stoppies/etc.. I used to love riding my motorcycle. But the accidents related to this practice have jacked up our insurance rates to ridiculous rates.. Thanks for that you bone heads. Unless your a stuntman on a movie set, don't do this. Same with the +200k/ph flybys. Nobody likes scraping you off the pavement.

-People who phone 911 for a non emergency, then phone back apologizing. I don't think I have to go into detail.

-People who tailgate tractor-trailers. It can stop faster then you think.

Or other stupid examples. I'm sure in a few short weeks we could have the debt sorted out and also have no GST whatsoever!

The antivirus opinion.

Yep. Its happened. Someone tried to inadvertently send me another virus over Live messenger.. Brilliant delivery method, to whomever made it.

This got me thinking of why I use a free anti-virus program. I wont pinpoint which one.

Ive tried most of em. From the store bought Mcafee, to the Free AVG, and something came to my mind. Ya notice how most of them only give you a 1-year subscription, then the program goes dead?

Its all about the money people. The AV companies know for every cure that comes out, someone out there will make a virus to sneak by. The AV company makes an anti-virus which is bypassed by the new virus. This is the way it has been for years. So each year, they get you to pay the $69.95 to protect your data for 1 year.. Once the Av leaves the store, within a week a new virus is made to sneak through it. I believe the AV companies depend on it.

This might be why they are doing yearly update subscriptions. That way they can guarantee they will make that money not once, but once a year for however many years you have it.

Brilliant thinking on the AV company. Its kinda like the oil industry. People are so dependent on it, they've created an industry for themselves that will only run out if people stop believing in it.

Guys.. Get a free av program and a jump drive. Back up your documents instead of blowing $60 a year. Trust me. Its like putting an alarm on your car. If they want in bad enough. They will get in.

Utility bills

Well I figured my first rant will be about somethings that urk me to no end.
The evil things that make me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit!

Utility companies....

First on the flaming pit is Bell Canada.

The cute little Beavers drawing people to the services of Bell Canada drag people into a false sense of living under the lovely umbrella that bell provides. Phone, satellite, Internet, Cell phone services, whats not to love?

Customer Service. OK Bell. This one is for you. HIRE someone who speaks English!!! All too often I phone bell and I get someone that is probably outsourced. Any sympatico customer loathes having to call bell for anything. No I'm not racist. I just want to speak to someone who can fluently speak English. When I tell the voice activated service I want English its probably for good reason. When I say "I'd like to speak to someone who speaks english, please." And you respond "I speaken good very english sar!" This is not english. If your accent is so thick that someone on the other end cannot understand you, this is a problem. Customer service is the first thing a customer sees, or hears when they need you. Dont upset them. Its gotten so bad, that when I call bell, I select french, then talk in english because I understand french better.

Next, Bills. Bell sells you their internet for a fair price I think. However they don't tell you about the $6 access fee every month they charge you for the privilege of having the ability to have high-speed run to your house. There are others... But Ill leave that to another blog day.

Hydro one. You guys are probably one of the better con businesses I know. A con you say?
Yup I hate Hydro one. I'm sure every one in Ontario knows this. Incase you don't happen to be with this company, Ill explain a little.

Long time a go, Hydro One used to be known as Ontario Hydro. Well this corporation went under. I mean totally bombed out. It's assets went to a new company called Hydro one.

What I hate about this company is they charge you around $5-$10 a month for a "Debt Retirement Charge." Mine was $5.35 this month.

What?!?! I'm paying extra because this company went under?

Another good one is a delivery charge. Ok. Nobody is showing up at my house with boxes of electricity for me to use. Come on people.. And Im sure there isnt a workforce of little men in the lines pushing the electricity to my house. Its a wire. Electricity flows naturally through it. To the tune of $40 a month!

Last one on this rant is Enbridge Gas. Which I believe is the former Consumer's Gas. Last time I checked when you put compressed gasses into a pipe, they tend to flow naturally through it until it finds somewhere to uncompress.

Why are you charging me $42 a month for a delivery fee? And why do you charge me a $11.95 for a customer charge, oh. Thats right. Its dues because I'm a privileged customer.

So far this month, in all of these ridiculous hidden charges, Im looking at $110 bucks a month I could have spent elsewhere like on my kids. Or maybe something nice for the missus.

You all make me sick. Enjoy your nice money. What goes around, comes around.

Support the troops magnets.

Hey bloggers.. I know you have all seen them. The latest car assessory, the magnet.

The "support the troops" magnets or such.. What a great idea. I have a few of them Or shall I say, had.

Ive lost a few of them in car wash. Ill admit to that. Even I have my moments. But what truly ticks me off is when somebody steals them.

Yup I go in walmart, and when i come out, a few are missing from my van! Honestly, of all things people could steal, they stole my support magnet? How low can you thieves get!? I paid a few bucks for that thing, and most if it goes to soldiers programs. Get your own dang magnet you cheap thieves and really support your troops.

Since then Ive gotten the vinyl ones that stick to the inside of the window.. I just can't believe that somebody would steal them.

Foamy The Squirrel

Who the heck is foamy anyway?

I'm sure you've all seen him. Hes a very opinionated little squirrel brought to life with flashplayer.

Foamy touches on many topics that we all think about, and brings them front with a no nonsense view. Check it out.

Now I personally think this site is hilarious. But not everyone enjoys my... Dark humor. I wouldn't let my kids watch this stuff.

Imports Vs. Domestic

Ok.. First things first. This post wasnt made to start a flame war or offend anyone or cause panic...

Im just sick and tired of hearing: "My honda is better quality then yours, ill have mine for 20 years because its an import!" Or "**** sucks. Honda rules."

This defect seems to be on the rise in 2007 models...

Within 38 s the lights shut off on the van, which leads me to believe that the cause was something electrical. No flames on the windshield lead me to believe it was something mid way through the van, which if I remember correctly is where the rear wiring harness runs.

Within 50 seconds, the other side of the vehicle is spewing flames.. Which means there was no escape route.

2 minutes, the something in the van blows up..

When fire crews do show up, they inspect under the hood, but don't pursue. That part isn't on fire.

Let that be a dent in the Honda's quality Armour. Feel free to show any of your annoying Honda fans.

Thank the gods that no one was hurt.

People have to begin to realize their car is a machine. Made by man. It will break down. Accept it, and leave my car alone!

Husbands and wives.

Ahh. Heres one that I love getting wound up about as I see its failure at my little army base all the time..

Seems like some people have little or no morals these days. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned. I thought when you get married, you were stuck with that person for the rest of your days, or at least until you divorce. What I see is on the rise is cheating spouses.

Why do people cheat. Well I think it is because some people are too selfish. They see something greener on the other side, and jump on it forgetting their previous commitments. Families getting destroyed, hearts broken, just because someone thought they could get better nookie on the other side. Maybe its a thrill. Maybe its revenge for something the other did.


If your unhappy in your relationship. Bail out. Get a damn divorce, or break up FIRST. Make your problems clear. If your looking in the barn for a new horse to ride, chances are the old horse has something wrong with it. Tell your soon to be ex about it. Chances are they can fix it. Or at least you can say you tried. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes they do. Look at yourself before you start looking at your spouse as a failure.

For the army wives and husbands out there. This is a pet peeve we all know about.. When the person goes overseas the other cheats. Ok. What is the logic for this. Do you people not have enough respect for that person to keep your parts covered until they come home, or at least tell them your concerns before they go over? Complete lack of respect.

For the servicemen and women out there. Its not that long of a damn tour. Get a dirty mag or something and employ it. You guys are all told that fraternization will get you kicked off a tour. Why do you do it? I can imagine how happy your going to be when your husband or wife comes to pick you up at the airport and you have to explain why you are here and why you don't have your tour pay.

Now the Rumor mill. Here's my advice. Those spreading rumors, is your life really that sad that you have to get kicks by making stories about other peoples? Shame on you. In the same respect. If you don't want rumors starting. Stay the hell out of places that will start them. Like bars. If your out drinking your face off in a small town bar, and doing something dumb, expect it to happen.

Now some situations I can sympathize with. Say for example, a spouse is beating on the other spouse. I can see why they would leave without warning the other person. And I encourage them to leave. There is no reason for abuse. If your spouse is abusing you. Leave. The person beating you might need the wake up call. And be sure to pass the information onto the next. This to me isn't "cheating".. More "Escaping".

The person who said communication is the key to a relationship wasn't kidding. It really is. But it takes two people to communicate, one to talk, the other to listen.

Linux Vs. Windows

Well If anything will fire up a good debate in computer circles its the timeless debate of linux vs. windows..

In fact, some of the forums I've been on, these topics usually end up in a heated debate, and the moderator usually has to lock the topic before people start digitally lobbing heads off.

Well I figured Ill add in my own two cents worth. Does it really matter what OS you use?

I mean, if you like it, use it. Be happy, Shut up, and go about your day. Leave everyone else alone. If they enjoy what they have on their computer. Let them use it.

"Oh but it costs money!" - Usually a comment from someone who uses linux. Really. If a person wants to spend money. Let them. Its thiers.

"Its too hard to set up Linux!" Usually the windows user comment. Sure some versions of linux are complicated to set up at best.

I say.. Live and let live.

I personally use Windows Xp. I hated vista, and have tried a few distros of linux. I like linux, however my family is fairly computer illiterate, and what they do know is windows, so I use that.

Parked Domains.

Just a breif one for my readers. If any come that is.

Parked domains. We have all seen them. Miss one letter in a common web address, and your off to the magic world of internet advertising.

Some people actually make a fair living for themselves doing this. And if they can do it. I say all the power to them!

However.. My beef is pornagraphy. Ever type in a web adress for an honest search while helping your kids do their homework. Yeah.. Ive been there. Who knew looking up horses would spit out that?

All Im saying is that if Im looking for that, Im going to be very direct about it. Think of families. Would you show your daughter or son this domain. Common sense people..

Facebook rant.

Here's my thoughts on facebook.

Remember, this is my opinion. If you want to express your own. Do it on your own blog.

Anyhow.. On with the rant.

Facebook. Ill admit. I USED to use it. Why don't I anymore? Internet privacy is one of those reasons. Part of the reasons why I blog with an alias is to prevent people from sending me junk. Some people don't understand how much damage can be cause from simply putting your name on something. Even more so when everyone who had internet in the world can see it! The identity farmers are just loving this "social application". Trust me. Cuts down on a lot of the headaches.

Spam on facebook. Another reason why I left. And no. Not the buisness related spam. Spam from other people. In the beginning, facebook was great for tracking friends down. Untill the introduction of the spam bots. Yes those lovely little fun applications that every moron seems to love. Like I care if I have been been bitten by a zombie. Thanks for taking up valuable space on my wall. I don't like going through 50 or 60 dumb zombie bites or invitations to fun walls or the dumb ASCII pics we used when BBS's were "in".

Facebook was good. Until the spam and the rest of the bull came in. Parents. Watch your kids on facebook. I remember a certain 14 year old girl who was close to the family putting up pics of her smoking, stealing booze from her parents camping trailer, going out and doing lesbian poses in bathing suits. HELLO?? Are you trying to attract a pedophile?

Facebook should just hurry up and die like the rest of the fads, before something drastic happens.. Oops. Yeah.. Didnt they already leak out a whole boatload of personal information?

Look it up people. Pretty interesting stuff. The internet is a great thing, but its definitively user beware!


First installment from me, The one who calls himself the "HyperFox".

Well little about myself. They say there isn't much in the name, but I disagree.

In today's life, a name is important. Everything you do usually has you name on it, from the first times you learn how to write it, to when its signed on your death certificate.

So why do I use an alias? Simply put, I know how important privacy is. I used to be in "the business". For those of you still in it. You know what I mean,

Sure. Lots of you could figure out my first and last name, but anyone with a phone book could find so many more to sell.

Back onto me. Well I'm a younger fella. A proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Im a Mobile Support Equipment Operator, also known as a Trucker. We drive just about anything with wheels, heavy equipment, airport stuff.. You name it. One of us has driven it. Really were a jack of all trades and master of none.

I also have a missus and two kids. 5 and 3. I love them to death, and I'm sure their stories will end up here for your enjoyment... The wife's family could sometimes be enough for an entire blog itself. They say things happen for a reason.

I'm also known as being VERY opinionated, and sometimes controversial. This always leads me to stick my foot in my mouth at some point, but I'm sure it will make for some entertainment later on. I tend to rant and rave about just about anything. Don't take it personally. Its just an opinion.

The blog begins!