Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time is marching on.

Well things have been going well here but its been hyper busy at work as were down people with summer holidays here. The tasks keep rolling on in but, there are fewer bodies to do the work.

On a good note, Im being tasked out this friday to go work at a call center for deployed families. I volunteered for this last year and I guess that my number finally came up.

I enjoy working with people, so this will be a good oppertunity. With the base at home right now, and the deployment not leaving until sometime later in the year, I think that all will be quiet until such a time as when the pers deploy, then with every injury or fatality over there, its going to be busy as heck.

But it couldnt come at a better time. My wife is going to be persuing custody of our neice and nephew soon, and thats going to have its slew of appointments, along with my son entering kiddie colledge as were tired of waiting for the daycare to get back to us.

Other then that, not too much is planned for the long weekend so far. We might go to the all night drive in if money is there. We might do some fishing. Life is good right now. Not much drama at all. For once.

I hope I didnt just jinx myself.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

HHO Revisited

No I havent given up on hydrogen research, but I have been reading more and understanding more about it and will be re-attempting a build shortly.

Running an engine soley on HHO gas.

Really not very possible, nor practible. It has indeed been done before, however it may not be something every person can do. The problem is in production.

In order to run a 4 stroke internal combustion engine, you require a fuel. And a good portion of it too. A gasoline engine runs at the ideal ratio of 14.1:1. 14.1 parts air, to one part fuel.

There is still a proportionate amount of fuel required for ignition. Just like any petrochemical, they all require a certain amount of vapour to air for complete an efficent combustion, the problem with hydrogen is getting a sufficient amount generated to keep a vehicle running.

The displacement of an engine will tell us alot about how much of what is needed. A 3.3L v6 engine has 3.3L of diplacement. Divided by 6 gives us .55L, or 550ml per cylender.

Assuming that only one cylender is filling at a time, each cycle that cylender fills with 550 ml of mixture. dividing 550ml by 14 tells us that that cylender has 39ml of atomized fuel. Not liquid fuel. It may equate to a mere 1ml per rotation

Each piston firing would expend 39ml of HHO, in theory, if it had the same btu as gasoline and same tendancies.

So. To run this engine at 1000rpm. 39ml times 1000, equals 39000ml of hydrogen. Or, 39L.

So realistically to run an engine soley on HHO gas is something that may not be feasable. To produce a unit that could generate 39L of hho is possible, however not practical. You might be able to tow the unit behind the vehicle with a trailer or something...

Now stan myers' system is much more advanced. It uses a spark plug to double duty. The plug creates the HHO directly within the cylender and the normal spark ignites it.

HHO is not a waste. I intend to make a device, or steal I should say that doesn't replace gasoline, but rather works in conjunction with gasoline. A booster persay.

Now you can commercially purchase these units easily. But the inards of my device will differ. High voltage will be brought in with a vehicle coil (transformer) and then the high voltage will be used to separate the water.

A lot of people have been experimenting with pulse generators around 9mhz as a pulse creates a larger burst of hydrogen. I intend to use RF (radio frequency) withing the amature radio bands around 144mhz to create more pulse into the system. This experiment will be later, once the coil system works.

Even if a 20% gain in efficiency could be had by using a booster, it would help.




Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memorable quotes from parents.

Well ladies and gentlemen.

As you may see, the Vlog I posted earlier has been removed.

I did it for a few reasons, one being I revealed waaay to much info about myself as my old email adress got bombed again with a few hundred spam emails, and another being that there is too much profanity (apparently).

No big deal.

I remember last summer I posted a post about how I missed riding a bike. Oh how I miss it. I really really do.

Well my buddy just bought himself a brand new one and I caught the itch again. Seeing that brand new bike stored in my garage, calling me to ride it, the day I drove him there to pick it up, I was drooling. Wall to wall bikes, all kinds and colors, and most were greatly discounted, or on sale. I could afford it. The budget allows for it.

But alas, Im still bikeless. And why? Well let me tell you. I forget which one told me this, when I got rid of my first bike, but either my mom or dad told me to "Wait until your kids are moved out, then you can afford it."

Its true. Allthough it does fit the budget, it doesnt leave much breathing room. I mean come on, I couldnt pay for parking this past week when my wife was admitted into the hospital. Mom and dad bailed me out of the jam. That alone tells me I cant afford one.

Truth is, Im jealous of them. They just bought a beautiful home with all the trimmings. A 27' trailer (rv or whatever) and a brand new SUV. And they still have the financial ability to bail me out time and time and time again and again..

I only wish I could have that. I dont have much for debts, really. I have a credit card, and a vehicle payment. Thats it. The whole enchilada. And I make ends meet but if a disaster breaks out I'm screwed. I don't get it. Where did I frig up so badly.

I mean they walked into a dealership one day, and the next day they walked out with a brand new SUV. And were not talking about a cheap one. A beautiful one. Nice Hyundai Santa Fe V6 (GLS I think). I almost wanted to cry because If that was me, I'd have to fight tooth and nail to get it and wait for a week for a creditor to agree.

This week they went out west for a nice vacation in the mountains. Hell I wish I could do that, but the price of flights and the price of gas, no way in hell I could do that.

Even when we visited last week, mom and dad paid for gas in my vehicle to get us down there and back, and meals on top. Heck. I don't run my air conditioner in the vehicle to stretch my gas to make it to the next payday.

It must be my credit card. Its at the limit, but Ive been slowly getting caught up on it. I just dont have the finances to lump it and pay it off. But this winter it will be all paid off and I dont have to worry about it anymore. Hopefully that will help my credit score a bit. Then that credit card will have a final meeting with Mr. Scissors. HA!

I'n also jealous of my friends at work. They all ride bikes except for me and another guy. I see them all leave work riding into the sunset, and I wonder what did I do wrong.

You know what else is kinda sad. I forgot my mothers birthday. Sure my wife just came out of hospital from surgery. But I forgot. What a doorknob I am. But I remember dad having a poster in his office, one of those sayings on it were "lead by example". Sorry about forgetting your birthday. I just got so wrapped up here with the kids and stuff, that it slipped my mind what day it was. I apolgize. Someday when I have good money, I'll take you out somewhere nice to make up for it. I just cant do that right now. But maybe when my kids are moved out. :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another page in the life...

Well. It most certainly has been a long few weeks.

I havent posted much as I have been away visitng family down south. We had a good time dispite illness (both my parents had really bad colds) and ruined plans due to circumstances beyond anyones control. (The GM strike greatly delayed a truck my dad was planning on purchasing, hence changing plans.)

Shit happens.

As I am sure they dont need thier info spread around the internet, ill focus on everything after the trip.

Well. We got home a few days ago. That night we unloaded and began to unpack. For me, a lot of this was in the garage. I moved our new portable A/C unit into the garage as I left a part behind. I would have to find a replacement part, or fashion something up redneck style.

Bring on the next day. We went grocery shopping as we were away on a normal payday. I aquired some materials that I would need to fabricate a part I couldn't find anywhere in town. I started to bend the metal I needed. I grabbed my metal shears which were on top of a cough drop box. Which wasn't mine.

I had a sore throat any way. Probably from all the smoking the night before I figure. I open the box to find 1/8th of a gram of pot in the box. Yup. Good old weed. Im sure It would have gotten rid of my sore throat, but its not the medicine I want.

Obviously someone else was in my garage. And this someone isn't someone I know. We figured out whom it belonged to, apparently a freind of a freind. We turned it into the police for disposal. We also passed it on to the parents of that person.

On a better note. We went out on the boat that day, and I caught 2 pickerel and 1 bass at a spot reffered to me from a freind. Very cool.

We went out again today on the boat and it proved to be its last journey on this engine. It was dying anyhow and this was the last hurrah. It ran good all day until just after lunch before the lower unit gave up and left us stranded. But not until I got two good sized pike, and Garrett got some nice bass on.

Its just an engine anyhow. I intend to replace it with a 9.9 horsepower engine anyhow, and convert it to a rear steer (tiller), as a lot of conservatory's and lakes are going 9.9 horsepower or less only. Some arent allowing any powered boats on the water at all. Its just a 14' aluminum boat anyhow. Ya dont need any bigger then that.

No battery to screw with, no mixing oil.. Oh its going to be so nice. Just pull and go.. Oh thats going to kick ass. The fish will be so screwed now!! MUAHAHA!!!