Saturday, November 15, 2008

Racist Bastard!

So I think I am a racist bastard because Ive come to a relevation.

See ive been watching a movie called, the perfect holiday. I realised that every member of the active cast is black. Even santa and his elves.

In todays society of "equality" Im really starting to relaise that we are not equal, but in fact now reversed to what we wanted.

See. If I made a movie with nothing but asian actors, or east indian, or caucasian actors only, I would be called racist for not taking the black community into effect.

Or if I had a white history month. You bet id be called a nazi or KKK.

Im not. I want true equality. Where it doesnt matter at all. Race, sex, creed, religion, thats what I want. Everyone viewed equally.

But hey. Im racist.

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Maiingan said...

I can understand that, and actually I agree. Something got lost there, when they decided they wanted equality. People, walking on eggshells, don't want to do anything that's gonna insult another race...but while walking on these eggshells, they're stepping on the other races (not gonna mention any) as well.

I'm shaking my head at society. I too want TRUE equality, but as I see it, it's about as attainable as Peace On Earth.