Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ive been looking around the blogs and Ive found a lot of different opinions of what a dream is.

Now were not talking about the nighttime dream you have while you sleep. Im talking about the day ones. The ones that usually start with "I wish...." Or "That would be really nice..."

Well I think a dream is good. Without a dream, there would be little inspiration. No motivation to perform.

So I think a dream can be a "want" or a "goal". Some things are material in nature, and some are spritual.

So here are some of my wants.

On this blog, you will often see me blog about one of my dreams, riding a bike. I want another one. I find it hard to open the garage each day, and look at two of them and watch them leave under some one else' power. This is a want.

Someday I will get another bike, perhaps as a goal for quitting smoking for a certain period of time. This is setting a goal.

I'd like to visit Mexico with my parents once my kids are moved out. This is a goal as I have already recognised what prevents it from happening right now, and have an Idea of when it most likely will happen.

I'd really like to retire from my current job and retrain for another job that will let me put less strain on my damaged spine. But I have to get the ball rolling with my doctors and Veterans affairs. Nobody else will do it for me. This is a goal, as I have control over it.

I wish my job paid more. This is a dream, as I have no control over it. I want more money, but don't have any chance of getting more. The goal perhaps is to get a higher paying job then!

I wish I had a Ferrari Enzo. A dream. Just about any man's dream too. But the chances of it happening are nil for me, and probably slim for a handful of people.

One set of people Ive seen put many of their goals on hold, or on the back burner is my parents. On many occasions, they have had to send money, or organize things for me so that I may maintain the high quality of life I have had. I appriciate it every time they do it. I also feel kind of lousy about it. Embarrased even, because I know the money they send was probably going towards something they wanted.

In fact it happens so often, it has to be at least $90,000 by now that they have sent, as its been going on for a long time. They have been paying a lot of my poor choices out for me. And even now, they are paying for my sons daycare, which is quite expensive, and my daughters dance lessons, which aren't as expensive, but a nicety.

So I guess with the back pay coming in. Im going to pay off my credit cards, the bunk bed set for the kids, the little annoying debts off.

Income tax will arrive, and Ill pay off my wife's debit to Child Tax Benefit, and see if we can get that baby bonus back, (which will probably be wiped out anyway from the pay increase... lol)

Now its time to gather the evidence and go visit veterans affairs to get paid for my work-related injuries. The monthly payments, if any will be going into the bank account for spending, the lump sums into another account. Perhaps for investing, or maybe even on a house.

Then with VAC, Ill see what my options are for retraining to another career. Perhaps something with a bit more pay, and something that I'll like better then what I do now. Im thinking the computer or radio telecommunications industry. Its always what I have been good at, and I enjoy it.

Ball is in my court. What do I do with it?

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