Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Supports The Troops?

Who really supports the troops. Everyone has the little magnet on the back of their car. But who stands by it?

I happened to be in uniform yesterday at Pearson International Airport in Toronto for 3 or 4 hours. And in that time, my had was shaken once, I was called a baby killer twice, and a murderer once.

We were there to pick up a person coming home from Afghanistan so we parked out front of the doors. The commissionaires there working the airport demanded that we move the van so that another taxi may park there. We refused. The commisionaires got irate, and downright rude until we shut them up, by smiling as the nice Metro Toronto Police officer slipped parking tickets under the comminsionaires wipers, then proceded to tell them to have a little respect. I tip my hat to that officer.

Who else supports the troops? The wives? Most of them will send a monthly care package from home to boost the boys spirits. Most of the parents do too. Some of the guys get one from their wife the whole tour. Some dont get any. Its very depressing to walk away empty handed from a mail call when your overseas, let me tell ya. Heartbreaking really. Got lots from my parents tho.

Living on the base, I see the bar every time we go down the street. When the tours start, some of the less dedicated wives are there, religiously dragging home the first peice of meat they can find. Sad really.

Even away from the bar, in my old row house, the neighbour was having her way with the fellas 'best' freind before he even was gone for 2 weeks! 3 doors down, she was having house parties with 17 year olds.

Support the troops.. I support the troops. I'm combat service support. I wear red for them on fridays when I'm not in uniform.. Supporting the troops goes beyond a little magnet people.

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