Monday, October 20, 2008

CAV And PGR explained.

Todays post is about something I support fully. 2 Ex military units, one in Canada, and one in the USA.

The first one, whos image tops the side bar on the right is the CAV, which stands for the Canadian Army Veterans. A charitable organization who rides in support of our troops at home and abroad. To raise awareness, and offer its service to those who need it.

The second, is the PGR, or Patriot Guard Riders, who have started a new chapter in Canada, which I also fully support, provides protection to families of the fallen when they need it the most.

The Westboro Baptist Church in the united states, have brough thier anti-homosexual protests to Canada, on thier campaign which seems to indicate that god will punish gays, and all those who support gays, and proof of this is the troops dying overseas. Thier deaths are gods supposed "wrath".

August 9th, 2008. WBC crossed the Canadian Border, and protested the funeral of Tim McLean. An unfortunate soul, who met a tragic end on a Greyhound bus. Now they have entered my county.

I was overseas for 6 months in the armpit of the eart, defending this country from idiots like this, who have the nerve of daring to show thier faces at the funeral to bask in the media spotlight around it like a reverse cockroach. Im still serving, dealing with my demons, and supporting my brothers while they are over there.

Needless to say, I watch the PGR and am a member, and intend to join the CAV, as I wont stand by idle. I hope the WBC and others like it get thier skin scraped off and rolled in a field of salt.

I wouldnt even waste spit on them, and I felt 97 people roll over in the grave, when the WBC crossed the border.

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Maiingan said...

The WBC are the biggest attention seekers I have ever seen. They care nothing for teaching anything that has to do with Jesus. They pervert the words of the Bible to serve their own agenda.

I saw them on a talkshow once and they claim that those who died in the WTC attack 7 years ago were deserving of death for incuring God's wrath. I wait patiently for the day when they relize that God doesn't like being told what he thinks.

I commend you for your continuing support of fellow and former troops.