Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ahh.. The most wonderful time of the 4 year term. all of our tv shows booted for debates between the potential ruler of our great nation for the next 4 years.

The next guy we get to call an asshole, or saviour for 4 years..

Each term, I make it a habit to vote. As a gonvernment worker, I feel its only right to so.

See in my line of work, the military, we are a direct result of government. The big man at the top is the prime minister, and depending on how his party is, is important to how much funding and support my line of work gets.

The current big boss, seems to support the military, whereas previous generations sluff off the military deciding it's unnessisary. I dont blame either, they are only doing what they believe the Canadian people want to see happen.

Which makes it hard to vote sometimes. On one hand, I could completely agree with a candidates platform, but they may have a bleak view of the military, which could affect my job. On the other hand, the candidate may embrace the army, but thier views might be poor in my eye.

See I wasnt around when the chokehold came over the military moons ago. Funding was greatly slashed, very nice retirement packages were offered to members to entice them to retire. I arrived into the military as part of a drive to breathe new blood into the army I joined to peacekeep, instead, we went to warfighting. It happens in an army.

The military is in a political spotlight right now. Its a 50/50 thing separating the country, and god help them if 3 more soldiers pass away with honour while the elections are going on as it may affect peoples thoughts.

Im not going to mention who I voted for. Im not here to bash political views. I just ask when you vote to keep in mind what you would like to see your military do. Whatever you believe. An army only does what it is told, and its ultimatly told by its countries people.

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