Thursday, February 14, 2008

GPS wonders.

So Yesterday, I drove my wife down to Toronto to her brother's place. I borrowed a freinds Garmin Streetpilot GPS because I really didnt have a clue as to where I was going and its a neato peice of kit.

So anyway, we get driving, and we get about halfway there, when the nice lady says. *ding* Turn Left.

Ive been down this route many many of times, and I know this isnt a good selection this time of winter, and I turn right.

*Ding* Recalculating. Turn Left, then Turn left.

Forget it! I think to myself.

*ding* recalculating.

It then picks out the correct route. It did as it was told. It picked the shortest route to the destination.

Enter the 401. Every freaking off ramp.
*Ding* Keep left.

So by the 30th off ramp. The gps is driving me nuts. I make my turn and finally get to the location I originally wanted, after a 12km detour down the 427.. Argh!

So off we go. Down the Don valley parkway.

*ding* turn left. It says, right as the offramp passes my window. Dang. Missed that one. So I keep going straight.

*ding* Recalculating.
*ding* Signal Lost.

So now Im in downtown Toronto. Lost, and the GPS is now on a coffee break. I break out the trusty paper map and get back on the highway after an hour or so.

Are we really relying on too much technology these days?

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