Saturday, February 9, 2008

Canadian Forces Housing Agency.

I normally dont C&P posts, but this is one I made on a different forum..

Well.. Ive said my peace wrt CFHA. Many times before.

Nothing seems to change it all, and things are getting worse. For some strange reason my domestic 9'er has now opened my eyes to the fact that we are the only family with children living in our area of 7 families. The rest are single guys shacked up in a pmq, or 2 a couple living in a 4 bedroom PMQ.

Looks like my daughter's options for finding local freinds have narrowed this posting season. I know of 5 houses in my local court that are 3 bedrooms or larger and only having 2 people living in them.

Heck. Ill admit, Ive applied for a 3 bedroom PMQ on the northside to assist in some of my families medical issues to make me more deployable, and to make it easier for my family to obtain the services they need.

However, Ive been told by the allocations manager that this might happen in April. But housing only has so much resources they can use. Now for my opinion: April just so happens to be at the begining of posting season.

So realistically. I doubt it will happen until next year, right in time for the influx of the rumored troops. Apparently there is 5 availible homes on the north side, and 50 applicants. I can't verifiy this. But there does indeed seem to be more then that up there. Again. I dont know the full picture, maybe they are waiting repairs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to clean up the ice chunks that fell off the eavesdroughing this morning, inches from my front step. Ive only been complaining for 3 months to have the condition fixed. Guess I need to have one fall on my head first.

Right after I add more grip tape to the stairs, as I fell down them yesterday.. But the cool part is, that housing provides me with the tape to do this.

And Ill be out there this spring, fighting the hopeless battle of trying to get my grass to grow, as they leak into the backyard, flooding it each time it rains or melts. At least they pay for the grass seed too.

I think In all. The treasury board needs to come down here and give CFHA Petawawa a large influx of money to bring the houses up to par. I think this would help all around, and aliviate a lot of the issues.

Now.. Does anyone know how to to insulate a PMQ? Last two bills have been over $200.. Its really killing us.

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