Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fart cans and straight pipes.

Ill admit it. Im a mini-van driving dad. Its no ferrari. You wont see a huge fart can on it.

I dont mind people who modify thier cars. I have no issues with it. In fact, I encourage the creativity. What I DONT like is the fart cans.

Dont rip up and down through the housing areas at 2:30am at 6000rpm with the fart can.. Use a silencer insert please..

Or at the least, take it easy.. I am not a morning person to start with and I like it even less when I hear:


Which is followed by my kids waking up.

Not just the import guys either. I love nothing the hearing a SBC, or Hemi, or even a nice Cleveland running with a bit of volume.. but..

To the guy with the Black chevy half ton. My god.. Put some kind of exhaust on your truck. I dont know what you hear in your truck, but all we hear is:


Honestly man, Living in the butts of a rifle range is easier on the ears. It sounds like a machine gun on crack. People are not looking at you because your truck sounds nice, they are looking for your plate number so they can sue for hearing damage.

Customise your car fellas. Thats your perogative. Just be curtious about it. And to some of the others I've seen, Your sport compact is not a ferrari. Keep your racing and interesting manouvers for the track, and off the streets. I dont want to see your nice car that youve spent so much money and time into, parked around a lamp pole, or worse, in the side of a minivan full of kids.

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