Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bike season.

Since its been gone, its been a pinhole in my heart. Like a drug addiction, and I haven't had any for a long time.

The feel of the road underneath you. The vibration coming from the steel and rubber. The wind blasting over your body and around you. Caressing you.

Nothing matters at this point. Just you. The drone of the power below you. It commands you, and you command it. You ask. It obeys without hesitation.

You cant hear a cell phone here. No office to chase you down. Even if that phone rang. You couldn't answer. You don't want to either.

The smells in the air. The sweet smell of lilac as you rip past it, and even passing the cattle yards, it seems to smell sweeter.

The comrodery you have out there, even in passing. You do not know the person, and you probably never will, yet you both wave like your members of a secret boyhood club. It doesn't matter if what you ride matches theirs or not. You knew if you needed it, they would help you. And you would do the same. If you stop in the same place. You aren't shy to ask about what he's riding.

You remember your first ever ride on one. I do. Clear as day. I was a young lad and I hopped on one of my dads friends bike. A Newfoundlander named "Fred". He had a 1984 Honda Silverwing with all the timmings and luggage bars. Even a functional CB. It was a hot summer day with clear skies. I remember wearing lime green shorts too. I remember how it made my heart pound. The same way it does today.

Even when you ride with your spouse. You can feel her behind you. Moving, wrapped around you, although she doesn't really have to. She just does, as she enjoys the ride. You can feel her breathing. Leaning and turning with you its like dancing, but in sync and no toes to step on.

When I returned my bike, I lost this ability. Once you've ridden once, you don't forget it. And Im not talking about the guy trying it out for the weekend. What I'm talking about is.. The bug.

The bug is what drives someone to go out to the garage when its -35'c just to "check". Just to sit on it, and leaves you standing at the window at winters end praying for it to end soon. When you ride your bike and there is still snow on the ground but just enough road to safely make it. When you drive in the same snow at the end of the season trying to "squeeze one more ride" in before winter puts a temporary end to the fun.

In my garage sits my friends bike while he is away. I washed it today, although it is not mine. Started it to make sure the battery is topped up for his return. Its not my problem. But its what I would like if I were him. Nobody likes to go for a ride to find a dead battery.

I rewrote my M1 motorcycle license today. And passed. Another qualification. I'm now legally allowed to ride. I have no bike. And no gear. But I have dreams. Not to mention the 90+mpg would be great as gas is now over $1.30/l!

If I already had a bike that was paid for. Even if it was a $1000 beater, I would be content. And its the only way it would be practical really.

I accept cash, visa, mastercard if anyone would like to donate. lol

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