Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 3.

Today was the 3rd day. After creating a safe zone for myself in the garage I have started to test the HHO System again. The tests this evening started with me electrifying the steel grating with 2 cells.

A marginal success. The bubbles were trapped in a brownish green sludge that would rise to the top and create a film, nearly 1cm thick. This was ineffective. I have to find the source of the film. I cleaned the tank and noticed the electrodes were severely corroded after 6 tests. This explained the rusty brown film.

I reconstructed the cell again using an aluminum license plate cut into 3 uniform sections. The center plate was positive with the outer plates being negative. Using table salt as an electrolyte, I again tested. The brown was gone, but the green still existed. I cleaned the system again and tried straight tap water.

No film occurred at all in this test, which leads me to believe the rust from the previous test and salt were both less then ideal. I put baking soda in for the last test.

The backing soda worked, however it would clump into particles. Hydrogen production increased, but again, the bubbles would rise and dissipate away. When the larger bubbles were lit, they popped with a more solid pop noise and an orange flame was observed. This is a success.

The problem I am faced with now is that I have no viable method to capture the escaping gases to measure how much is being produced. The container I am using is a 2L Pepsi bottle with the top section removed. I must construct a vessel that can withstand the gas and channel it through a tube so that I may measure how much is being made, and then determine if I need to add more plates. Popping bubbles is hardly an accurate way to measure an odorless tasteless gas.

Also online videos show that the reaction happens and only the bubbles are white, whereas my entire vessel turns white with floating particles. This leads me to believe my electrolyte is incorrect for the job its doing. I must research this more.

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