Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time is marching on.

Well things have been going well here but its been hyper busy at work as were down people with summer holidays here. The tasks keep rolling on in but, there are fewer bodies to do the work.

On a good note, Im being tasked out this friday to go work at a call center for deployed families. I volunteered for this last year and I guess that my number finally came up.

I enjoy working with people, so this will be a good oppertunity. With the base at home right now, and the deployment not leaving until sometime later in the year, I think that all will be quiet until such a time as when the pers deploy, then with every injury or fatality over there, its going to be busy as heck.

But it couldnt come at a better time. My wife is going to be persuing custody of our neice and nephew soon, and thats going to have its slew of appointments, along with my son entering kiddie colledge as were tired of waiting for the daycare to get back to us.

Other then that, not too much is planned for the long weekend so far. We might go to the all night drive in if money is there. We might do some fishing. Life is good right now. Not much drama at all. For once.

I hope I didnt just jinx myself.

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