Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another page in the life...

Well. It most certainly has been a long few weeks.

I havent posted much as I have been away visitng family down south. We had a good time dispite illness (both my parents had really bad colds) and ruined plans due to circumstances beyond anyones control. (The GM strike greatly delayed a truck my dad was planning on purchasing, hence changing plans.)

Shit happens.

As I am sure they dont need thier info spread around the internet, ill focus on everything after the trip.

Well. We got home a few days ago. That night we unloaded and began to unpack. For me, a lot of this was in the garage. I moved our new portable A/C unit into the garage as I left a part behind. I would have to find a replacement part, or fashion something up redneck style.

Bring on the next day. We went grocery shopping as we were away on a normal payday. I aquired some materials that I would need to fabricate a part I couldn't find anywhere in town. I started to bend the metal I needed. I grabbed my metal shears which were on top of a cough drop box. Which wasn't mine.

I had a sore throat any way. Probably from all the smoking the night before I figure. I open the box to find 1/8th of a gram of pot in the box. Yup. Good old weed. Im sure It would have gotten rid of my sore throat, but its not the medicine I want.

Obviously someone else was in my garage. And this someone isn't someone I know. We figured out whom it belonged to, apparently a freind of a freind. We turned it into the police for disposal. We also passed it on to the parents of that person.

On a better note. We went out on the boat that day, and I caught 2 pickerel and 1 bass at a spot reffered to me from a freind. Very cool.

We went out again today on the boat and it proved to be its last journey on this engine. It was dying anyhow and this was the last hurrah. It ran good all day until just after lunch before the lower unit gave up and left us stranded. But not until I got two good sized pike, and Garrett got some nice bass on.

Its just an engine anyhow. I intend to replace it with a 9.9 horsepower engine anyhow, and convert it to a rear steer (tiller), as a lot of conservatory's and lakes are going 9.9 horsepower or less only. Some arent allowing any powered boats on the water at all. Its just a 14' aluminum boat anyhow. Ya dont need any bigger then that.

No battery to screw with, no mixing oil.. Oh its going to be so nice. Just pull and go.. Oh thats going to kick ass. The fish will be so screwed now!! MUAHAHA!!!

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