Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memorable quotes from parents.

Well ladies and gentlemen.

As you may see, the Vlog I posted earlier has been removed.

I did it for a few reasons, one being I revealed waaay to much info about myself as my old email adress got bombed again with a few hundred spam emails, and another being that there is too much profanity (apparently).

No big deal.

I remember last summer I posted a post about how I missed riding a bike. Oh how I miss it. I really really do.

Well my buddy just bought himself a brand new one and I caught the itch again. Seeing that brand new bike stored in my garage, calling me to ride it, the day I drove him there to pick it up, I was drooling. Wall to wall bikes, all kinds and colors, and most were greatly discounted, or on sale. I could afford it. The budget allows for it.

But alas, Im still bikeless. And why? Well let me tell you. I forget which one told me this, when I got rid of my first bike, but either my mom or dad told me to "Wait until your kids are moved out, then you can afford it."

Its true. Allthough it does fit the budget, it doesnt leave much breathing room. I mean come on, I couldnt pay for parking this past week when my wife was admitted into the hospital. Mom and dad bailed me out of the jam. That alone tells me I cant afford one.

Truth is, Im jealous of them. They just bought a beautiful home with all the trimmings. A 27' trailer (rv or whatever) and a brand new SUV. And they still have the financial ability to bail me out time and time and time again and again..

I only wish I could have that. I dont have much for debts, really. I have a credit card, and a vehicle payment. Thats it. The whole enchilada. And I make ends meet but if a disaster breaks out I'm screwed. I don't get it. Where did I frig up so badly.

I mean they walked into a dealership one day, and the next day they walked out with a brand new SUV. And were not talking about a cheap one. A beautiful one. Nice Hyundai Santa Fe V6 (GLS I think). I almost wanted to cry because If that was me, I'd have to fight tooth and nail to get it and wait for a week for a creditor to agree.

This week they went out west for a nice vacation in the mountains. Hell I wish I could do that, but the price of flights and the price of gas, no way in hell I could do that.

Even when we visited last week, mom and dad paid for gas in my vehicle to get us down there and back, and meals on top. Heck. I don't run my air conditioner in the vehicle to stretch my gas to make it to the next payday.

It must be my credit card. Its at the limit, but Ive been slowly getting caught up on it. I just dont have the finances to lump it and pay it off. But this winter it will be all paid off and I dont have to worry about it anymore. Hopefully that will help my credit score a bit. Then that credit card will have a final meeting with Mr. Scissors. HA!

I'n also jealous of my friends at work. They all ride bikes except for me and another guy. I see them all leave work riding into the sunset, and I wonder what did I do wrong.

You know what else is kinda sad. I forgot my mothers birthday. Sure my wife just came out of hospital from surgery. But I forgot. What a doorknob I am. But I remember dad having a poster in his office, one of those sayings on it were "lead by example". Sorry about forgetting your birthday. I just got so wrapped up here with the kids and stuff, that it slipped my mind what day it was. I apolgize. Someday when I have good money, I'll take you out somewhere nice to make up for it. I just cant do that right now. But maybe when my kids are moved out. :)

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