Saturday, January 5, 2008

Utility bills

Well I figured my first rant will be about somethings that urk me to no end.
The evil things that make me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit!

Utility companies....

First on the flaming pit is Bell Canada.

The cute little Beavers drawing people to the services of Bell Canada drag people into a false sense of living under the lovely umbrella that bell provides. Phone, satellite, Internet, Cell phone services, whats not to love?

Customer Service. OK Bell. This one is for you. HIRE someone who speaks English!!! All too often I phone bell and I get someone that is probably outsourced. Any sympatico customer loathes having to call bell for anything. No I'm not racist. I just want to speak to someone who can fluently speak English. When I tell the voice activated service I want English its probably for good reason. When I say "I'd like to speak to someone who speaks english, please." And you respond "I speaken good very english sar!" This is not english. If your accent is so thick that someone on the other end cannot understand you, this is a problem. Customer service is the first thing a customer sees, or hears when they need you. Dont upset them. Its gotten so bad, that when I call bell, I select french, then talk in english because I understand french better.

Next, Bills. Bell sells you their internet for a fair price I think. However they don't tell you about the $6 access fee every month they charge you for the privilege of having the ability to have high-speed run to your house. There are others... But Ill leave that to another blog day.

Hydro one. You guys are probably one of the better con businesses I know. A con you say?
Yup I hate Hydro one. I'm sure every one in Ontario knows this. Incase you don't happen to be with this company, Ill explain a little.

Long time a go, Hydro One used to be known as Ontario Hydro. Well this corporation went under. I mean totally bombed out. It's assets went to a new company called Hydro one.

What I hate about this company is they charge you around $5-$10 a month for a "Debt Retirement Charge." Mine was $5.35 this month.

What?!?! I'm paying extra because this company went under?

Another good one is a delivery charge. Ok. Nobody is showing up at my house with boxes of electricity for me to use. Come on people.. And Im sure there isnt a workforce of little men in the lines pushing the electricity to my house. Its a wire. Electricity flows naturally through it. To the tune of $40 a month!

Last one on this rant is Enbridge Gas. Which I believe is the former Consumer's Gas. Last time I checked when you put compressed gasses into a pipe, they tend to flow naturally through it until it finds somewhere to uncompress.

Why are you charging me $42 a month for a delivery fee? And why do you charge me a $11.95 for a customer charge, oh. Thats right. Its dues because I'm a privileged customer.

So far this month, in all of these ridiculous hidden charges, Im looking at $110 bucks a month I could have spent elsewhere like on my kids. Or maybe something nice for the missus.

You all make me sick. Enjoy your nice money. What goes around, comes around.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you with the Hydro one. I used $6.00 worth of electricity and yet they are charging me $122 to deliver it. And now they want to raise it 8%, thieves all of them.