Saturday, January 5, 2008

CAS - How to report.

Touchy subject here... Childrens Aid Society..

Here's major problem. The people who use it. Ok fellas. CAS is what you use if you see a child or have grounds to suspect abuse is happening upon a child. If you think a situation exists, do call.

From what I've seen, there seems to be a growing amount of complaints that turn out to be a keen way of revenge. People get miffed off at other people and they call CAS with a false story. CAS gets involved. Its their job to. The story could be true.

Somebody's ex' didn't get what they wanted in court so they phone CAS to have the kids taken away, or somebody's kids were playing rough in the schoolyard. Mom was late getting her kids to school one day. The hospital sees a bruise on a 5 year olds leg from playing in the school yard. A mom and dad are having an argument in a house.

What some people don't seem to notice is the amount of mental damage that happens to a kid when they are taken away from their family. Remember this scars a kid. If you have to use it. Do so. If your using it in spite. You should be beaten with a stick.

As well. We see the ads on tv. The ones that reach out to your heart strings and pluck them. We need foster parents they say. To potential foster parents, be prepared for an interesting trip.

Some stages of the process I understand. Criminal checks, background checks, are all good things and need to be looked at. Asking me my sexual preferences and habits? Bite me. This is just one step.

Cas claims its priority are to keep children as close to biological families as possible to keep the family involved. I can personally attest that the Agency I dealt with while we tried to become foster parents for our niece, CAS is nothing more then deceit and lip service.

You can file a grievance with CAS if you believe you are treated unfairly. However this option is only available to children in care. How convenient. Seeing as how our niece is 3 months old.

I believe there is a growing need for an individual regulatory body to watch over CAS's affairs. I wont go into the personal experience, but here is a website.

Now I used to think of this a rubbish. Pure bull. We tried to become foster parents and we quickly learned that its more truth then what you would believe.

Its a lot worse then we all believe.

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