Saturday, January 5, 2008

Imports Vs. Domestic

Ok.. First things first. This post wasnt made to start a flame war or offend anyone or cause panic...

Im just sick and tired of hearing: "My honda is better quality then yours, ill have mine for 20 years because its an import!" Or "**** sucks. Honda rules."

This defect seems to be on the rise in 2007 models...

Within 38 s the lights shut off on the van, which leads me to believe that the cause was something electrical. No flames on the windshield lead me to believe it was something mid way through the van, which if I remember correctly is where the rear wiring harness runs.

Within 50 seconds, the other side of the vehicle is spewing flames.. Which means there was no escape route.

2 minutes, the something in the van blows up..

When fire crews do show up, they inspect under the hood, but don't pursue. That part isn't on fire.

Let that be a dent in the Honda's quality Armour. Feel free to show any of your annoying Honda fans.

Thank the gods that no one was hurt.

People have to begin to realize their car is a machine. Made by man. It will break down. Accept it, and leave my car alone!

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