Saturday, January 5, 2008

Linux Vs. Windows

Well If anything will fire up a good debate in computer circles its the timeless debate of linux vs. windows..

In fact, some of the forums I've been on, these topics usually end up in a heated debate, and the moderator usually has to lock the topic before people start digitally lobbing heads off.

Well I figured Ill add in my own two cents worth. Does it really matter what OS you use?

I mean, if you like it, use it. Be happy, Shut up, and go about your day. Leave everyone else alone. If they enjoy what they have on their computer. Let them use it.

"Oh but it costs money!" - Usually a comment from someone who uses linux. Really. If a person wants to spend money. Let them. Its thiers.

"Its too hard to set up Linux!" Usually the windows user comment. Sure some versions of linux are complicated to set up at best.

I say.. Live and let live.

I personally use Windows Xp. I hated vista, and have tried a few distros of linux. I like linux, however my family is fairly computer illiterate, and what they do know is windows, so I use that.

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