Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm not perfect...

Well I shall tell you the story of one of the times I have made a moron of myself.

We used to sit out on our patio set in the summer months, me my wife, and our friends, just having good times chatting. Telling stories and stuff.

Every time we would see a nice toy which was usually a fella in a nice car, myself and Josh would say "MINE!" (like the seagulls in finding nemo) and stake our imaginary claim. First one to spot it would win.

One day I saw a ford explorer towing along a nice 249 Bayliner bowrider.. I said "MINE!!" Josh said.. "No it aint!!"

On the side and rear of the boat it's name was, "Still Mine."

Guess he trumped me and won the divorce..

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