Saturday, January 5, 2008

Support the troops magnets.

Hey bloggers.. I know you have all seen them. The latest car assessory, the magnet.

The "support the troops" magnets or such.. What a great idea. I have a few of them Or shall I say, had.

Ive lost a few of them in car wash. Ill admit to that. Even I have my moments. But what truly ticks me off is when somebody steals them.

Yup I go in walmart, and when i come out, a few are missing from my van! Honestly, of all things people could steal, they stole my support magnet? How low can you thieves get!? I paid a few bucks for that thing, and most if it goes to soldiers programs. Get your own dang magnet you cheap thieves and really support your troops.

Since then Ive gotten the vinyl ones that stick to the inside of the window.. I just can't believe that somebody would steal them.

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