Sunday, January 6, 2008

Warning to Telemarketers.

Time to rant about something else that drives me insane. Our family tries our best to eat supper at the kitchen table together. Sure. There is a TV in view, with cartoons usually on it. We enjoy the time together as were a fairly busy family and usually on the run. Like most families.

As we sit at the table, it almost happens religiously. The phone rings. Now being the good man of the house, I usually answer the phone. Only because the person on the other end is in for a boat load of crap depending on the situation for which they are interrupting our family time. I love to eat and they are being rude by calling at 5:05pm.

Its usually someone we know, and they are yelled at appropriately, if its a little kid I don't sweat it too much, sometimes kids loose their perception of time. Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but If I see a telemarketer's number on that phone, Ill give you a piece of my mind. If your someone with a heavy thick accent, you can be sure Ill answer with my mouth full. Just to return the favor.

If you happen to be a company that I am with, Ill speak in in a strange language that I make up on the spot. Seems to be working because they don't call back.

So consider this your fair warning. Or I will beat you with a stick.

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