Saturday, January 5, 2008

Husbands and wives.

Ahh. Heres one that I love getting wound up about as I see its failure at my little army base all the time..

Seems like some people have little or no morals these days. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned. I thought when you get married, you were stuck with that person for the rest of your days, or at least until you divorce. What I see is on the rise is cheating spouses.

Why do people cheat. Well I think it is because some people are too selfish. They see something greener on the other side, and jump on it forgetting their previous commitments. Families getting destroyed, hearts broken, just because someone thought they could get better nookie on the other side. Maybe its a thrill. Maybe its revenge for something the other did.


If your unhappy in your relationship. Bail out. Get a damn divorce, or break up FIRST. Make your problems clear. If your looking in the barn for a new horse to ride, chances are the old horse has something wrong with it. Tell your soon to be ex about it. Chances are they can fix it. Or at least you can say you tried. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes they do. Look at yourself before you start looking at your spouse as a failure.

For the army wives and husbands out there. This is a pet peeve we all know about.. When the person goes overseas the other cheats. Ok. What is the logic for this. Do you people not have enough respect for that person to keep your parts covered until they come home, or at least tell them your concerns before they go over? Complete lack of respect.

For the servicemen and women out there. Its not that long of a damn tour. Get a dirty mag or something and employ it. You guys are all told that fraternization will get you kicked off a tour. Why do you do it? I can imagine how happy your going to be when your husband or wife comes to pick you up at the airport and you have to explain why you are here and why you don't have your tour pay.

Now the Rumor mill. Here's my advice. Those spreading rumors, is your life really that sad that you have to get kicks by making stories about other peoples? Shame on you. In the same respect. If you don't want rumors starting. Stay the hell out of places that will start them. Like bars. If your out drinking your face off in a small town bar, and doing something dumb, expect it to happen.

Now some situations I can sympathize with. Say for example, a spouse is beating on the other spouse. I can see why they would leave without warning the other person. And I encourage them to leave. There is no reason for abuse. If your spouse is abusing you. Leave. The person beating you might need the wake up call. And be sure to pass the information onto the next. This to me isn't "cheating".. More "Escaping".

The person who said communication is the key to a relationship wasn't kidding. It really is. But it takes two people to communicate, one to talk, the other to listen.

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