Saturday, January 5, 2008

We need a stupid tax!

So recently, us Canadians were given a 1% reduction in GST by our current Prime Minister.

I try to stay away from politics here, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

So at the idea of my mom, (yes she reads the blog) I propose we introduce a the "SPT", which stands for the Stupid People Tax.

Here is what I propose. I believe for every stupid act that someone does, the police may fine the person a tax for being stupid. Examples of offenses are:

-Parking in handicapped spaces if your not handicapped. This is going out to the people who scream into the space at 90, and litterally run into the store for something.

-Parking in fire lanes. They might be there for a reason. Firefighters will place a fire axe directly into the hood of the offenders car on sight, emergency or not, as a reminder to those who park there. 2 axes if the person is still sitting in the car waiting for a person to come out of the store.

-People who drive with 4 way flashers on while lost so they can make lane changes at will.

-Crosswalks are for people... They are not start/finish lines. Have courtesy and let the walker go. Dont run them over. Not only do they make an awful mess, but your insurance goes up.

-Motorcyclists doing wheelies/stoppies/etc.. I used to love riding my motorcycle. But the accidents related to this practice have jacked up our insurance rates to ridiculous rates.. Thanks for that you bone heads. Unless your a stuntman on a movie set, don't do this. Same with the +200k/ph flybys. Nobody likes scraping you off the pavement.

-People who phone 911 for a non emergency, then phone back apologizing. I don't think I have to go into detail.

-People who tailgate tractor-trailers. It can stop faster then you think.

Or other stupid examples. I'm sure in a few short weeks we could have the debt sorted out and also have no GST whatsoever!

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