Saturday, January 5, 2008

Facebook rant.

Here's my thoughts on facebook.

Remember, this is my opinion. If you want to express your own. Do it on your own blog.

Anyhow.. On with the rant.

Facebook. Ill admit. I USED to use it. Why don't I anymore? Internet privacy is one of those reasons. Part of the reasons why I blog with an alias is to prevent people from sending me junk. Some people don't understand how much damage can be cause from simply putting your name on something. Even more so when everyone who had internet in the world can see it! The identity farmers are just loving this "social application". Trust me. Cuts down on a lot of the headaches.

Spam on facebook. Another reason why I left. And no. Not the buisness related spam. Spam from other people. In the beginning, facebook was great for tracking friends down. Untill the introduction of the spam bots. Yes those lovely little fun applications that every moron seems to love. Like I care if I have been been bitten by a zombie. Thanks for taking up valuable space on my wall. I don't like going through 50 or 60 dumb zombie bites or invitations to fun walls or the dumb ASCII pics we used when BBS's were "in".

Facebook was good. Until the spam and the rest of the bull came in. Parents. Watch your kids on facebook. I remember a certain 14 year old girl who was close to the family putting up pics of her smoking, stealing booze from her parents camping trailer, going out and doing lesbian poses in bathing suits. HELLO?? Are you trying to attract a pedophile?

Facebook should just hurry up and die like the rest of the fads, before something drastic happens.. Oops. Yeah.. Didnt they already leak out a whole boatload of personal information?

Look it up people. Pretty interesting stuff. The internet is a great thing, but its definitively user beware!

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