Sunday, January 6, 2008

Global Warming

This topic has been beaten to death by many many people. So I figure It's time for me to beat it with a stick..

From what I understand, global warming is going to cause our polar ice caps to melt, and cause water levels to rise enough to flood out places like California, Florida, parts of BC, etc. And raise the temperature of the earth significantly.

When? It can hurry up any time now! I'm not a winter person. In fact, I can do without it. Getting up every morning, shoveling snow, brushing off my vehicle, freezing to death while it warms up, drinking ice cold coffee, freezing to death in my leaky house. Yeah. Ive quite had enough of winter.

Sure. There are some nice parts of winter. Making snow men, and snow forts, tobogganing. The yearly fun of skidding around in my vehicle every winter to check out how the tires grip in an empty parking lot, and of course Christmas.

I don't even mind the snow really. I love looking at it, draped on the tree boughs and gently falling. Even more so with coffee.

But enough of the bitter -30'c, minus-47 windchill stuff! Who the heck likes that anyway?

As far as I'm concerned. Global warming? Bring it on. As for those people who will be flooded out. Aren't you guys complaining about immigration problems right now. Just don't tell them the flood is coming, move or build an ark.

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