Saturday, January 5, 2008

The antivirus opinion.

Yep. Its happened. Someone tried to inadvertently send me another virus over Live messenger.. Brilliant delivery method, to whomever made it.

This got me thinking of why I use a free anti-virus program. I wont pinpoint which one.

Ive tried most of em. From the store bought Mcafee, to the Free AVG, and something came to my mind. Ya notice how most of them only give you a 1-year subscription, then the program goes dead?

Its all about the money people. The AV companies know for every cure that comes out, someone out there will make a virus to sneak by. The AV company makes an anti-virus which is bypassed by the new virus. This is the way it has been for years. So each year, they get you to pay the $69.95 to protect your data for 1 year.. Once the Av leaves the store, within a week a new virus is made to sneak through it. I believe the AV companies depend on it.

This might be why they are doing yearly update subscriptions. That way they can guarantee they will make that money not once, but once a year for however many years you have it.

Brilliant thinking on the AV company. Its kinda like the oil industry. People are so dependent on it, they've created an industry for themselves that will only run out if people stop believing in it.

Guys.. Get a free av program and a jump drive. Back up your documents instead of blowing $60 a year. Trust me. Its like putting an alarm on your car. If they want in bad enough. They will get in.

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