Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VA3IRA now online.

Hey folks. Its been a long while since Ive posted. Mainly because I've been studying to become an amateur radio operator. Traditionally known as "ham" and is more in-depth on other posts.

So, Ive passed with honors. 82% on my Basic test. For some this doesnt mean much of anything. For hams out there, this is pretty decent for a first go, I hear.

Id like to take the oppertunity to thank my examiner. Maj. Justin Schmidt-Clever (VE3QYR) of Ottawa for taking the time to administer the test.

And I never would have thought I'd say it of any form of government, but Spectrum Management has truly impressed me. Less then 24 hours later, and my callsign is up and running. Well done.

So my first contacts have been made today, and I'm starting to learn the ropes of 2M mobile.

I made a few contacts bit the first one Ive actually put to the log is VE3ODJ, Mike in Petawawa. He has shown me that my singal will come in better in simplex modes, depending on the situation.

Next one up is VE3KKO, Lewis in Cobden. The first person I contacted via landline in my attempt to find myself an examiner. He called out to me after hearing me talking to Mike.

The last contact was through IRLP over the radio and the internet. Someone in Calgary. I didnt get the sign.. Got lost in the moment.

So in reflection I have begun a log book of new callsigns.

2m first.. Base and mobile are coming soon..

73, VA3IRA clear.

(That means best wishes, and Im outta here)

The Fox...

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twoxsgt said...

Congradulations, VA3IRA. May the airwave be sweet and clear.
73 from the Duck and your Mom says 88 always