Saturday, January 5, 2008

Emergency Services Personel

I live in a small town. 14 thousand people, if you include the cats and dogs.

We have a lot of people in this small town and more often then not, I hear them cursing the emergency services all the time. "Stupid Cops" they say, "Slow firemen."

Well people.. I am a common listener to an age old device. The police scanner. I listen to the fire department, ambulance services, and police departments.

These services are always busy, constantly running around, trying to do their best to keep things going good for all of us. Sometimes things get slow. But believe you me even in small towns they get used a lot. 90% of the things that occur on the scanner never make it to the papers.

As I write this. 2 volunteer fire departments are on their way to a farm on fire, 2 ambulance crews have brought 2 people to our local hospital, and the police have a ride program started, and patrol units have pulled over 3 cars.

Next time you curse the officer at your local coffee shop, remind yourself that they are taking a well deserved break. When you see the ambulance crew idling in a parking lot waiting, or firefighters playing ball hockey, they are all waiting for the call.

The one call you might need to make.

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